Professional Athletes

Shawn Crawford“Being an olympic level sprinter for team U.S.A., I require not only the best trainers and coaches, but the best quality training facility. Wale Dada created just that when he founded Takeover Fitness Training. If Takeover has what takes to get me on the podium I know for sure it can help you reach your fitness goals.”

Shawn Crawford
2004 Olympic Gold and Silver medalist
2008 Olympic Silver medalist by default
5 time USA champion


Ginnie Crawford“As a professional Nike Track and Field athlete, it’s important that every workout is tailored to my success. The staff at Takeover design programs that are best fit for their client’s individual needs. They are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to physical training and sports fitness. If you want guaranteed results and to maximize your full potential then Takeover Fitness is perfect for you.”

Ginnie Crawford
4x NCAA Champion and Collegiate record holder
2x USA Champion


Raquel Kops-Jones“I came in for a training session at Takeover Fitness in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and I had a great experience. I was impressed with the available space of the facility. It has an inspirational feel, as the regimen is personalized for individuals. I especially enjoyed the ability to workout indoors or outdoors. The trainers were very professional, and cared about the improvements of their clients. If you are looking to get fit and have a good time doing it, try Takeover Fitness Training.”

Raquel Kops-Jones
WTA professional, All American college player


Alicia Harris“Every time I am in the Florida area, I workout at no other place but Takeover fitness. With the experienced staff, I knew I would be getting my own tailored workout to my specific needs. Its a great atmosphere and environment where your pushed to meet your own specific goals. You can tell the trainers are passionate about what they do, and care about you as a person to cater to your needs. ‘The personal attention received and the results are achieved!’ Love the place!”

Alicia Harris
IFBB Figure Competitor
Optimum Nutrition Sponsored Athlete
Bodybuilding.com Sponsored Athlete
Fitness Model



Isaiah Trufant“Training here has prepped me to be at my best this season. The trainers here have the knowledge and know-how to help and guide you through fitness workouts with confidence.. It is a high energy facility and well put together program that I would recommend to anyone trying to get fit!!!”

Isaiah Trufant
New York jets- CB



Ben Obomanu“As a Veteran NFL Wide Receiver, it is essential that I take advantage of each off season to keep my competitive edge. The trainers at Takeover Fitness Training ensure that my mobility, flexibility, explosion, strength and speed are all enhanced through a diverse range of activities. As a result not only am I able to compete at a high level, but I’m prepared to avoid injury as well. They are not only great trainers, but they know how to motivate you to reach new levels of fitness.”

Ben Obomanu
Wide Receiver
Seattle Seahawks


Elite Athletes

Riccardo Hinton“My name is Riccardo and at 73, I am LOOKING GOOD and FEELING GOOD! A lot can be attributed to my weekly workout sessions at Takeover Fitness. My trainers use the latest techniques and equipment. SPECTACULAR!!! Come and join me at the GYM its good for YOU and YOUR BODY!”

Riccardo Hinton
Colonel (R), US Army





Taylor“Wale Dada provides a holistic approach to improving personal fitness by integrating both aerobic and weight training into your personalized routine. When I first started working out with him, I was in really bad shape. I had developed minor coronary disease from work-related stress, lack of sleep and poor nutrition. After just one month of consistent training with Wale, I not only looked significantly better, but my athletic ability had improved tremendously. After two months, I have remedied my heart disease and I am on the road to living a much healthier life. I highly recommend Takeover Fitness for anyone looking to get into shape. No matter what your needs, they will customize a program that is right for you and you will see and enjoy the results.”