Private Yoga Sessions at Takeover Fitness

Known as the oldest fitness discipline in the world, yoga comes in a variety of styles and combines stretching, moving, breathing and meditation for a stimulating mind-body workout. Health benefits of this low-impact exercise include improved flexibility and balance, core strengthening, injury prevention, stress relief and more.

Takeover Fitness offers two different variations of yoga, with training tailored to all levels – No yoga experience necessary!

Power Yoga

This vigorous yoga-based workout helps sculpt and tone the entire body while improving strength, flexibility and balance. With continuous movement from one pose to the next, be prepared to burn calories and work up a sweat!

Recovery Yoga

The perfect complement to any training routine, this more traditional yoga class takes you through a series of postures and stretches designed to promote muscle recovery and repair, increase flexibility and reduce muscle tension. Breathe deep, stretch and feel the stress melt away.

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