Group Training

Group Training


  • Classes designed for ALL fitness levels, from beginners to elite athletes
  • Coaching and instruction by highly qualified, experienced coaches
  • 60 minutes of heart-pumping, calorie-burning, strength-building activity
  • Improved balance, coordination, cardiovascular endurance, core stability and strength
  • Wide variety of fun, challenging workouts in a motivating group environment
  • Workouts are designed with proven methodology and proper techniques in mind – no “fads” here!


Training Camp – A total-body workout designed to bring out your inner athlete! Each class combines a variety of athletic movements with high-intensity interval training to improve muscle performance, speed and agility, cardiovascular endurance and flexibility.

Power Yoga – This vigorous yoga-based workout helps sculpt and tone the entire body while improving strength, flexibility and balance. With continuous movement from one pose to the next, be prepared to burn calories and work up a sweat! No yoga experience necessary.

Recovery Yoga – The perfect complement to any training routine, this more traditional yoga class takes you through a series of postures and stretches designed to promote muscle recovery and repair, increase flexibility and reduce muscle tension. Breathe deep, stretch and feel the stress melt away.

Boxing – This intense cardiovascular workout combines fundamental boxing techniques (both heavy bag work and shadow-boxing) with running, burpees, squats and other functional movements, helping to increase stamina and endurance while also strengthening muscles and improving coordination.


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